Okay... my bff asked me to join this "diary.ru" :P That sounds strange, but will see what it`ll be in future.
Ehem. Need to tell something about me and my life? Okay.
My parent called me Dmitriy about 29 years ago, and here we are. I`m an artist and architectural engineer. Sounds creepy, i know. Right now live in San Diego (just moved here about two day ago). Ehem.... u know, that`s really hard to explain past life!
What else? i`m a big fan of comics, especially DC and something like that, have a big collection of it. My bff called it amazing, btw.
What i will post here? Dunno right now, but maybe some stories about my life in America, or some of my arts.
Hope, it`s not just wasting my time.

It 2 a.m. Wednesday, 27.06 right now, so i gotta go to take a little nap.

Bought a car today - it was a pretty good day. Going to LA for the weekend, and next week i have an infare just in my new house!

2012-06-27 в 14:17 

Chere Veronique
quand tu vas me lire
Welcome! Nice to meet you here.

2012-06-27 в 15:34 

just Clark K.
raspizdoto maniacale e paranormale
DC is connecting people ;)
welcome to diary

2012-06-27 в 19:49 

Thanks to everyone! I really don`t know who u all are, but thanks! :) DC unites the whole world ;-)

2012-06-27 в 19:51 

just Clark K.
raspizdoto maniacale e paranormale
I really don`t know who u
It's not a problem :laugh:

2012-06-27 в 19:54 

just Clark K., sure, we can get to know each other :)

2012-06-27 в 20:30 

just Clark K.
raspizdoto maniacale e paranormale
why not! ;)

2012-06-28 в 00:30 

I'm not a fan of comics, but I guess I"ll be a fan of your art in the future :D Please post some of your works here, much appreciated! :)
Eva's sister :D


Something gonna happen... maybe