Just came here, dunno anything. Let`s try to make a history

Recently came back from Comic Con 2012! That was amazing! Comics, movies, pics - now I'm happy as fuck!


just trying to upgrade this site for myself and upload some pics here

San Diego view from light port

Ocean and sunset by my house


Okay... my bff asked me to join this "diary.ru" :P That sounds strange, but will see what it`ll be in future.
Ehem. Need to tell something about me and my life? Okay.
My parent called me Dmitriy about 29 years ago, and here we are. I`m an artist and architectural engineer. Sounds creepy, i know. Right now live in San Diego (just moved here about two day ago). Ehem.... u know, that`s really hard to explain past life!
What else? i`m a big fan of comics, especially DC and something like that, have a big collection of it. My bff called it amazing, btw.
What i will post here? Dunno right now, but maybe some stories about my life in America, or some of my arts.
Hope, it`s not just wasting my time.

It 2 a.m. Wednesday, 27.06 right now, so i gotta go to take a little nap.

Bought a car today - it was a pretty good day. Going to LA for the weekend, and next week i have an infare just in my new house!

Something gonna happen... maybe